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All Events Canceled

With the greatest reluctance and a heavy heart I am writing to let you know that we have canceled all Troop 150 activities indefinitely.

I am truly sorry for the Scouts who will not experience cross over. I am truly sorry for the disappointment that must be felt by all our Scouts, whether veterans or just beginning to transition into our Troop, particularly our first class of young women. I am truly sorry that ours is yet another in long, long list of cancellations at this extraordinary and unprecedented time in our nation’s history.

We recite the Scout oath and law at every meeting. Sometimes when we repeat something often enough, that repetition leads us to gloss over the depth and meaning of what we are actually saying. As I was typing this note and thinking of our canceled meetings and that recitation, I paused and went through both, slowly. There is much to draw on.

It’s definitely a time to be clean!

We should help others, particularly in this time of need.

Be kind. Be courteous. These are stressful times for all, and kindness goes a long way.

And be brave.

Lastly, may you and yours be well.

Until we meet again –

Troop 150 Committee Charmian

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