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BP 101 & 102

The troop is going backpacking in June and July.  We want you all to join us!

Both locations are TBD at this point, until we have our numbers.  If you and your parent are planning on going, please let your patrol leader know as soon as possible.   Both parents and scouts need to attend Backpacking 101 if they have not been camping with the troop before.  On the Backpacking 101 trip we train on the Philmont method of camping as a “Crew” and the importance of “Crew Gear.”

  • Wednesday, June 20th at Scout meeting, review of personal camping gear and menu planning.
    (see our Troop 150 Gear List)
  • Wednesday, June 27th at Scout meeting, going over crew gear, crew positions, and packing food.
  • Saturday, June 30th & July 1st BP 101 overnight (location is TBD).
    • Trip Leader = David Anderson
    • Scout Trip Leader = TBD
    • 2 days one night
  • Saturday, July 21st – Monday, July 23rd BP 102 (location is TBD).
    • Trip Leader = Hamish Murray
    • Scout Trip Leader = TBD
    • 3 day two nights

Note:  Plan on attending the meetings prior to 101 to get up to speed on both event

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