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BP 102

Thanks to all of you that went on BP 101 and now have the experience to take it to the next level

July 21-22 will be BP 102, Will be leaving church between 8-9am Saturday and returning mid-afternoon Sunday.  we plan on going to Elk Meadows near Mt Hood Meadows on the East side of Mt Hood.  We can adjust the trip from a 3 mile/800’ elevation gain to a 8 mile/2000’ gain depending on ability and strength of those attending.  So please sign up right away so we can plan accordingly.

We will need at least one other adult to attend (although more are always welcome).  It is a wilderness area and so limited to 12 heartbeats.  If we have more sign ups than this, we can split into two groups, which would require two more adults (at least one having gone on BP101).  Also we need one older scout to act as Scout trip leader.

Trip leader:  Hamish  Murray

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