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New Scout Checklist

WELCOME to Troop 150!

Seven things for Scouts to do!  (Have Mom or Dad help if you need it!)
Six things for Parents to do! (Below)

  1. T150 online registration (on our registration page)
    this registration becomes your contact information for our troop. It is important your information be complete and accurate.
  2. BSA Registration:
    1. You can complete on line,
    2. We have forms at the meetings, visit the scout office, or down load the application from the web:
      Youth Form all New scouts joining Troop must complete this form
      Adult Form any adult that wants to participate in the Troop activities must complete
  3. Complete a BSA Health Form
    All youth and adult members must complete part A&B to be part of the troop. Part C is required for any events longer than 72 hours (need a doctor signature).
  1. Register for Summer Camp (on our registration page)
    It is important that all first year scouts attend summer camp, it is key to your success.
  1. Register for Camporee (on our registration page)
    Attending Camporee & Pre Camporee are keys to your success. Troop 150 competes with our scout skills in the Pioneer District Camporee each year. Pre Camporee is where we practice our Scout skills before camporee.
  1. Get a Troop 150 Uniform
    1. The Troop has a parent volunteer who will help you get the correct uniform and check with them before you purchase a unifom.
    2. BSA Shirt (short sleeve only)
      1. With Arrow of Light (badge under left pocket)
      2. Purchase the Green Epaulets
    3. BSA “Canvas” Shorts (not the Microfiber shorts)
    4. BSA Green Web Belt with Buckle
    5. BSA Crew Length Socks (2-3 pairs are best)
    6. Troop will provide
      1. Troop 150 Numbers
      2. Neckerchief
      3. Neckerchief Slide
      4. Troop Hat
    7. Wear a t-shirt under BSA Shirt (that does not hang below sleeves)
  1. Learn the Troop 150 Song (View the Lyrics)

And a BIG WELCOME from Troop 150 to Mom and Dad too!

Your daughter/son may have just joined Troop 150 but we like to think of you as joining the troop too! We know from past experience the parent who becomes involved in scouting is the parent who sees their son advance — and nothing is more exciting than watching your son roll forward as he learns to work with other scouts. So, before you can jump in and join the fun yourself, we need you to:

  1. Confirm your son has completed the two registration steps:
    Contact our troop registrar if you have any questions or need help. This registration goes into our troop records and becomes his contact information. It is important that the information be complete and accurate.

    1. Troop 150 on line registration
    2. BSA registration
  2. Become a Trained Adult:
    These official BSA courses will help you understand some leadership basics and how T150 works with your son.  You will need to be a registered adult and have your BSA ID.
    Each training session can be completed in less than ten minutes. Be sure to print out your certificate each time you complete a course and turn it in to our Scout Book Coordinator!  Proof of completion will be required before you can directly work with any other scout than your own son.

BSA Training link

  • Youth Protection
  • This is Scouting
  • Boy Scout Leader Fast Start
  • Troop Committee Challenge
  • Trek Safely
  • Hazardous Weather
  • Safety Afloat
  • Safe Swim Defense
  1. Complete a BSA Health Form
    All youth and adult members must complete part A&B to be part of the troop. Part C is required for any events longer than 72 hours (need a doctor signature).
  1. Review the T150 Adult Leadership Page
    Page lists the adult leadership who will work with your boy or behind the scenes to make your son’s scouting experience as exciting as possible. Volunteer for something. We’d love to double-up and train you for something. Anything you like. In fact, we encourage you to step forward!
    On line adult registration form
    (Bring printed copies to the next meeting)
    (this is not required, only if you want to get involved)
  2. Stay current with the Info visit the Troop 150 Calendar
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