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BP 101 & 102

The troop is going backpacking in June and July.  We want you all to join us!

Both locations are TBD at this point, until we have our numbers.  If you and your parent are planning on going, please let your patrol leader know as soon as possible.   Both parents and scouts need to attend Backpacking 101 if they have not been camping with the troop before.  On the Backpacking 101 trip we train on the Philmont method of camping as a “Crew” and the importance of “Crew Gear.”

  • Wednesday, June 20th at Scout meeting, review of personal camping gear and menu planning.
    (see our Troop 150 Gear List)
  • Wednesday, June 27th at Scout meeting, going over crew gear, crew positions, and packing food.
  • Saturday, June 30th & July 1st BP 101 overnight (location is TBD).
    • Trip Leader = David Anderson
    • Scout Trip Leader = TBD
    • 2 days one night
  • Saturday, July 21st – Monday, July 23rd BP 102 (location is TBD).
    • Trip Leader = Hamish Murray
    • Scout Trip Leader = TBD
    • 3 day two nights

Note:  Plan on attending the meetings prior to 101 to get up to speed on both event

Camp Parsons 2018

This year we are going to Camp Parsons (link). Nestled within the shadows of the Olympic Mountains and on the edge of the Hood Canal.   It is an extra special summer, as Camp Parsons is celebrating its 100 year anniversary.  It is renowned as country’s oldest continuous Boy Scout camp West of the Mississippi!

What there’s more? Oh Yes. The pre-trip this year is an awesome Kayak adventure up the Hood Canal, culminating in beach landing at Camp Parsons itself.

See more information and register (link) to go Today!

Camporee & Pre-Camporee 2018

Camporee & Pre Camporee Registration (2018)

Who:  All scouts and adults of Troop 150. 

What:  A two night campout to practice Scout skills and have fun!

Where:  Camp Lewis near Battleground.  This will be a great place for this event because it provides the shelter we need while being very close to town.

When:  April 6th through April 8th, 2018

Why:  It is a troop tradition to run a practice camporee so that all scouts and leaders are truly prepared for the District Camporee three weeks later.  We will cover all the basic scout skills as well as instruction on what to expect at Camporee.  For this reason, this is a great event for newly crossed over scouts!

How:  Upon arrival on Friday we will set-up, plan for the next day, work on the pioneering project, and enjoy cracker barrel before a big game of Capture the Flag.  Scouts will mostly use the onsite Adirondacks for camping.  Adults will most likely be tent/car camping.

We will be up early on Saturday with breakfast and flag before spending the first part of the morning testing the skills we have devoted meeting time to (knots, lashings, etc…).  We wanted to start with a competition to get everyone juices flowing!  We will surround the lunch break with instruction on the events we haven’t practiced yet and then have competitions for those as well.  After a class on firebuilding, we’ll let the patrols use some unstructured time as they see fit.  If there is extra time in the afternoon, volleyball and ultimate could happen.  The scouts will then cook dinner.  After dinner and some campfire activities it will be time for Glowstick Orienteering.   

Sunday morning we will complete any events that weren’t completed on Saturday.  The scored firebuilding burn-off will be saved for last! When the events are complete and the winner has been announced, we will break camp and head for home.  Due to the amount of Troop equipment needed for this activity, there will be cleanup time needed at the church before the scouts are dismissed.  We should be all done by 2:00PM.

Tree Recycling Customers

We are picking up trees this weekend, January 6th & 7th Starting at 9:00 AM.  You will need to have your tree out on the curb by 9:00 AM on the 6th for Pick up.  We only go by your house once in the weekend!  Make sure your pick-up tag is on the tree.  If you do not have a pick-up tag please email us at

We tried the app Text Now and lost the assigned phone number do to inactivity.  So if you try to call or text to (503) 663-8910 you will not get us.  we apologize if this causes you any inconvenience!

Please send all esquires to we will be manning that address all weekend.

Thank you for supporting Troop 150


California Here We Come

All those scouts and parents that want to attend our California Adventure please registers,
as soon as possible and get your deposit in ASAP to hold your spot!

Register (click link)

2018 Annual Registration

Annual Registration:

  1. Scouts & Adults should fill out the form together
  2. All Scout registering for the 2018 year need to fill out by November 6th 2017
  3. Dues are $75.00 per year and due by November 15th of each Calendar Year
  4. If you need help registering check with Trey Vincent the Troop Registrar

Link to Registration

Backpacking 101 – Canceled

Our apologies, we are canceling BP101 due to a very low turnout.

Salmon River Trail on Friday July 21st & Saturday July 22nd.  Trip leader Bill Preisz and David Anderson

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