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Dear Scouts and Parents,
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.
Thank you to all who participated this past weekend in our fundraiser.  We are off to a very good start in our annual Christmas Tree Recycling event.  We had 22 boys participate on Saturday and 19 on Sunday evening.
Here are the top three sellers from each night:
1. Lucien
2. Nicolas – 1st year scout!
3. Keenan – 1st year scout!
1. Lucien
2. Zach N
3. Nicolas – 1st year scout!
Below is the schedule for this coming weekend.  We need all boys and parents to arrive at Fred Meyer at 3:45pm.  Parents we need all drives to be there if you signed up, because we have lots of eager boys again.  Dave Anderson will be managing the sales this weekend.  Red jackets and reflector vests will be issued to those who do not have one, otherwise bring them if previously issued.  Dress for the weather.  Bring your dinner.  Be safe, be courteous, and hustle.  If you have questions, please contact John Walker at or 503-799-8108.
Scout Name 28-Nov 29-Nov
Sam Evans
Blake Schouten
Henry Overbeck x x
Noah Overbeck x x
Baylor Howard x
Zachary Terhaar x
Will Garrahan x
Spencer Daigle
Matias Vincent x x
Nicolas Vincent x x
Ethan McDuffie x
Louis Rizzo x
Aidan Greene
Quinton Walker
Elliot Cox x x
Eloy Vetto x
Jared Atkinson x x
Ian Murray x x
Ian Stewart x
Danny Manzano x x
Anderson MacMillan
Keenan Bromley x
Joshua Bromley x
Calvin Hyde x
Jakob Person x x
Sawyer Epkes x x
Charlie Gardner
Carter Deal x
Lucien Himes x x
Zach Nagy x x
Sam Craig x
James Reynolds
Jameson DeNyse x x
Eddie Herzig
Dean Evans
Tim Schouten
David Howard x
Ken Terhaar x
Paul Garrahan x
Susan Daigle
Trey Vincent x
Aaron McDuffie
Mike Rizzo x
Rich Greene
Adam Cox x x
John Vetto
Robin Atkinson
Joe Atkinson x x
Hamish Murray x
Fred Stewart x
Eliseo Manzano x
Kevin Overbeck x x
Matt Bromley
Nick Nagy
Ted Hyde
Erik & Shelly Person x
George Gardner
Tim Himes
Greg Epkes
Phil Craig
Gavin DeNyse x

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