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Tree recycle sales Dec 5th & 6th

Dear Scouts and Parents,

Tree recycle sales continue this weekend Dec 5 & 6.  Below is the schedule based on your registrations.  Please arrive at Fred Meyer Tigard at 3:45pm.  Remember to bring your red jacket and reflector vest, otherwise will not be allowed to sell.  Dress appropriately.  Bring your snacks and food supplies also.  As always be safe, be courteous, and hustle.  Finally, we have many eager scouts ready to sell, however we need another driver for Saturday evening.

Can a parent contact me and let me know they can drive Saturday
. (503-799-8108)

Thanks to all the Scouts and parents for your hard work…we are doing really well!

Scout Name 5-Dec 6-Dec
Sam Evans
Blake Schouten x
Henry Overbeck
Noah Overbeck
Baylor Howard x
Zachary Terhaar x x
Will Garrahan x
Spencer Daigle
Matias Vincent
Nicolas Vincent
Ethan McDuffie x
Louis Rizzo x
Aidan Greene x
Quinton Walker x
Elliot Cox x
Eloy Vetto x
Jared Atkinson
Ian Murray
Ian Stewart x x
Danny Manzano x
Anderson MacMillan x
Keenan Bromley x x
Joshua Bromley x
Calvin Hyde
Jakob Person x x
Sawyer Epkes x
Charlie Gardner x
Carter Deal x
Lucien Himes x x
Zach Nagy x x
Sam Craig x
James Reynolds x x
Jameson DeNyse
Eddie Herzig x x
Lucas Moss
Dean Evans
Tim Schouten x
David Howard x
Ken Terhaar x x
Paul Garrahan x
Susan Daigle
Trey Vincent
Aaron McDuffie
Mike Rizzo x
Rich Greene
Adam Cox x
John Vetto
Robin Atkinson
Joe Atkinson
Hamish Murray
Fred Stewart x x
Eliseo Manzano x
Kevin Overbeck
Matt Bromley
Nick Nagy
Ted Hyde
Erik & Shelly Person
George Gardner
Tim Himes
Greg Epkes
Phil Craig x
Gavin DeNyse

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