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Tree Recycling Program

Register your address, number of trees, and make donation at:
Once your tree(s) are registered they will be added to our pick-up list!
We cannot pick up flocked trees – NO FLOCKED TREES
Pick up Days are Saturday, January 2nd, 9th & 16th 2021

BSA Troop 150 has been recycling trees for our neighbors for over 30 years and “Creating Life Experiences” for middle and high school aged scouts (boys and now girls) in the greater Portland Metro area since 1985.  We stand behind our mission to create memories the scouts will have for their lifetime, and we help the boys develop into men.  Your donations help support our numerous troop events and outings, while providing these scouts with the resources they need to learn leadership skills, build strong moral character, and give back to the community through volunteer service. 

Lost Trees; Some trees will not be picked up until Sunday.  If your tree is not picked up by 3:00 pm Sunday (and was out on the curb before 9:00 am on Saturday), contact us at the phone or email below, and we will put you on our lost tree list and get your tree as soon as possible.  We do our best to leave no tree behind! Email:  Voice Message:  503-345-9695.  Foul weather may force a delay in our pick up if road conditions degrade; please be patient in this case.

Your donations support Scouting activities for Boys and Girls during 2021.

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