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Uniform Check in Procedure

Hang your Troop T-Shirt on the Hanger First
Hang your Troop Sweatshirt over your T-Shirt

Remove your belt and hang your shorts, over the Sweatshirt.
Hang your BSA shirt Next & Button all your buttons.
Put your Neckerchief, Slide, Belt, Socks in a 1 Gallon Plastic Bag.
It is recommended you have two pair’s of socks.
Write T-150 & Your Name on the label.
Puncture the bag at the top and hang it on the hanger.
hat 001
Hang your hat over the hanger (name in hat)


We will issue a Troop Red Coat at check in.  Each scout the are responsible
for their Red Coat.  Replacement coats are $35.00 per coat

If a scout does not have a Troop T-Shirt the replacement cost is $15.00

If a scout does not have a Troop Hat the replacement cost is $15.00

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